Radha Raj
Transformational Leadership Facilitator

Founder, Shakthee.org
Empowering you to access and draw from your own inner strength Co-Founder, Kenya Women Rising.

I am an advocate for the power of drawing upon one's own inner strength to unleash one's energy to pursue one's passion combined with committed action producing outstanding results. I believe in the power of the network, connecting people with similar interests, and collaborating efforts for faster, more powerful results. One's own spark with committed action can fire up billions of people and transform societies so we are all free to lead the lives we want to live.

I am the founder of Shakthee.org an organization that provides Transformational Leadership programs to girls and young adults passionate about creating change in their own lives and in the communities they live in.

I have management experience of over 10 years in banking and 20 years in high tech in Silicon Valley, managing high performance teams overseeing global finance operations and compliance. My leadership approach is to empower teams by co-designing with them scalable high efficiency processes enabling them to powerfully deliver extraordinary results and exceed customer expectations.

I was formerly Executive Director and Board Member of Global Women's Leadership Network where I initiated actions forging a regional alliance in Kenya as well as partnerships with four global women's organizations in California with the aim of achieving greater collective impact for women everywhere.

I am a Transformational Leadership trainer working in partnership with Center for New Futures. I am a Co-founder of Kenya Women Rising with a vision to empower women and girls in Kenya through transformational leadership programs.

I serve on the Board of Empowering Minds International, an organization providing mental health services and shelter to survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Kenya.

I serve on the Leadership Council at RiseUp, an organization that enables girls, youth, and women to transform their own lives, communities, and countries.


“If you are not in awe of the opportunity in front of you, then it’s probably not a big enough opportunity.”  
- Barbara Fittipaldi

"Anyone participating in the programs can’t help but experience personal as well as professional breakthroughs. There is a powerful expansion of each individual’s own drive and creativity.”

- Christine Burke
President, Board of Trustees


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