Martine Bolsens-Peetermans
Transformational Leadership Facilitator

Founder, Umoja

Co-Founder, Kenya Women Rising Transformational Leadership Facilitator.
"Lifting up everyday people with audacious dreams"

I believe that we are all connected to each other, and that we all hold a moral and human responsibility to each other. I believe education is the most powerful tool in empowering communities to break through the constraints that are holding them back, allowing individuals to envision a new future in which each has the opportunity to thrive in a dignified life.

I believe in giving back and reaching out, and that there is richness in diversity. I am an advocate, a bridge-builder and a connector. I belong to a global network of passionate agents of change and feel privileged to be a link in the chain of positive global transformation.

As a graduate of the 2012 Women Leaders for the World program, hosted by Global Women's Leadership Network at Santa Clara University, I currently act as Global Ambassador. Prior to this, my role as Chief of Innovative Education Strategies allowed me to work alongside trainers, coaches and mentors to identify powerful new approaches regarding transformation leadership facilitation.

As the co-founder of Kenya Women Rising, it is an honor to introduce Transformational Leadership at Egerton University with an Inaugural offering in February 2017.

In the Bay Area, I work with disadvantaged women with a background of emotional and substance abuse, often with a history of incarceration, and who are now looking forward to a brighter future. These courageous women are eager to have their hands on the steering wheel of their life so the vicious circle may end with them, opening up never-imagined opportunities for the next generation.

I proudly serve on the board of a variety of organizations and non-profits:

   -   Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, USA
   -   Destiny Reflection, Kolkata, India
   -   Amici Lovanienses, San Francisco, USA
   -   Ealthier Kids Foundation, Santa Clara, USA

Bachelors of Arts, Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Berchem, Belgium.
Co-Founder of the Student Care Group for Junior High and High School Students, St. Michielscollege, Brasschaat, Belgium.


“If you are not in awe of the opportunity in front of you, then it’s probably not a big enough opportunity.”  
- Barbara Fittipaldi

"Anyone participating in the programs can’t help but experience personal as well as professional breakthroughs. There is a powerful expansion of each individual’s own drive and creativity.”

- Christine Burke
President, Board of Trustees


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